What is Local Food?

Local food is  produce harvested, processed and packaged near to where it is consumed.

We believe this should include harvesting from the wild at sustainable and controlled levels as there is an abundance in the ocean, on the beaches and the land too. Managed and consumed by local people this could generate a host of micro enterprise opportunities for the community.

Why Buy Local?

The fresher the produce the better the flavour. The fresher the produce the more vital the food is and the more impact it has on your health and wellness. Local food maintains more of its nutrients and minerals, it’s greater vitality will have a positive impact on one’s health and wellness.

Tomato in Svalbard
Organic Arctic

What Is Organic?

Organic production uses natural techniques to manage pest and control disease while replenishing the soil’s fertility. Commercially produced food is drenched in harsh chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers harmful to life. You can literally taste the difference!

Why Eat Organic?

Eating organic food reduces your exposure to these agricultural chemicals which could be absorbed into your body resulting in negative long term effects on your health.

It’s better for the environment as all these chemicals are derived from fossil fuels increasing carbon released into the atmosphere. They also have a deleterious effect on soil rendering it unable to support life and grow the very food it was supposed to be supporting.

Why build compost?

Longyearbyen food waste is dumped into the ocean altering the balance of native ecology. Food waste is full of nutrients that can be decomposed to create the building blocks to grow food by the process of composting. The minerals and nutrients can again be assimilated by plants that we can consume interrupting and transforming this waste cycle.

Why use worms?

Worms have a remarkable capacity to digest composted material to produce highly nutritious ‘vermicast’ multipling minerals and nutirents while making them bio-available to plant matter. In this way we can maintain the balance in the soil to grow healthy plants that can sustain us in turn.

Permaculture Compost