We are excited to announce that we are temporarily expanding the Polar Permaculture Solutions team! Three business students from Denmark will be coming up to visit Polar Permaculture Solutions headquarters, here in Longyearbyen, to do some market research for us. Specifically they will be helping us develop a business plan for the Community Supported Agriculture endeavor that we’ve been dreaming up. The students are all passionate about creating a better business world, and are also interested in permaculture. What a perfect match! 



Matie, Anna, and Mattias are studying at an alternative business and design school called KAOSPILOT (awesome name! check out their website), based out of Aarhus, Denmark. The group sought us out and asked if *they* could help *us* as part of a school project, which sounded almost too good to be true! Turns out it’s a great opportunity on both sides: they get the real-world business experience and get to travel to one of the most unique places on earth, and we get some assistance in research and strategizing and an opportunity to share our work!

The three will be coming to Svalbard for 3-4 weeks in May depending on how long we can find affordable housing for them. That’s where you come in! If you have or know of any places in Longyearbyen where they (either as a group or as individuals) could stay (cheaply) for all or part of the period from around April 29th to May 22nd, we would LOVE for you to contact us and let us know the details. If so, please message us on our facebook page, or fill out our contact form.

We are so looking forward to having new faces around, and fresh energy infused into our project 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates! Lot’s of exciting things on the horizon for Polar Permaculture in Longyearbyen.