What is the greenhouse project all about?

Our vision is to provide access to nutritious, wholesome, and  healthy food, that is good for you and your family.

We want to demonstrate how to transform local waste products into a useful resource as well as to inspire the community through a foodie revolution in Longyearbyen.

Permaculture Foodie

Which greenhouse have you chosen and why?

We have selected the Arctic Dome Greenhouse due to its proven record in Arctic climates in Alaska. Because of its proven record, we will be spending less time making sure the greenhouse is in working condition and more time in providing sustainable produce for Longyearbyen.

What plants do you grow in the greenhouse?

If we can maintain a temperature band around 10˚C then we hope to grow herbs, leafy greens, and veggies for salads.

Arctic Greenhouse

What does it take to grow plants here in Longyearbyen?

There are many challenges, limiting factors, variables and extremes to contend with when attempting to grow food here. This biome is known as the arctic desert. There is little, and poor, soil on the island and almost no trees above ankle height.

Our project is experimental in nature and we will test a number of scenarios to develop an understanding of our feasible operational parameters in this climate.

Human beings are soft fleshy bio-organisms and plants are similar lifeforms. We will devise a number of different strategies to create the right conditions for plant growth in terms of heat, light, humidity, fertility, and ventilation.

Plants in Longyearbyen