Many excited changes are afoot here at Polar Permaculture Solutions. 

In the past month we applied for two grants to help fund our efforts here in Longyearbyen, and both were accepted! Thank you to the Svalbard Environmental Fund for helping us fund our greenhouse project, and to Innovation Norway (Innovasjon Norge) for helping fund research and development! We are so grateful for all the support. 

Also, our team has expanded! Welcome to Kevin Mascarenhas, our new Project Manager, Isabell Eischeid, a soil scientist with experience and knowledge with permafrost soils, and Laura Kaestele, an eco-social designer who will be helping design and develop holistic, regenerative systems. All this new energy is likely going to bring about quick changes and development, so stay tuned. 

On that note, tomorrow (!!!) our KaosPilot students arrive to Longyearbyen from Aarhus, Denmark. In case you missed it, they will be with us for three weeks, doing research, outreach, and development as part of their education, and to help us hone-in on a more established business plan. It will be great to have them on-site with us. 

On Friday we had our interview with ArtCam Production for their upcoming film Gold Coast, all about the community, culture and economics of Longyearbyen (see our blog on that project to learn more about their project: here). The interview went really well. We anticipate some local screenings when the film comes out. 🙂 

Many more updates to come soon!