Polar Permaculture Solutons has it’s first consulting gig! 

We are partnering with the administration of the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park in Bulgaria to help do a restoration and design project in the park. The group is working with one of the 21 villages inside the park to restore a historical church and the land surrounding it, which has feel into disrepair and neglect over the past 10-15 years. PPS is the official permaculture consultant on the project, bringing our systems perspective to the effort in order that it is a more ecological and lasting endeavor.

The center is also hosting a festival in the summer to celebrate the cultural heritage of the area, and raise awareness about the project. This festival is unique in that it will be inclusive of all of the ethnic groups in Bulgaria, especially of the villages inside the park. Ben will be working closely with the group in both the development and planning of the festival, as well as the overall design of the land restoration. 

We are really excited about this project! Because of the grant they recieved to do this project, the group needed a consultant from Norway, and we thought we were the perfect match! So even though it is not a polar project, it will help fund our work up here, and expand our horizons about what is possible in the world of permaculture, while also helping out a really great cultural and ecological initiative that could use some support.