About Benjamin Vidmar

Creative Director
Benjamin Vidmar, aka Sprock3t, is the mastermind behind Polar Permaculture Solutions. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Ben moved to the island of Svalbar, Norway 6 years ago, and began developing and innovating with Polar Permaculture Solutions, while also working his way up to head-chef at Svalbar Pub.

Working with our Bulgarian partners

The project aims conservation, restoration and exhibition of the church "St. Nativity of the Virgin" in the village of Milanovo, municipality of Svoge and economic revitalization in the abandoned areas of the Nature Park “Vrachanski Balkan”. The aims will be implemented on the [...]

Grants Granted! Team Expanded! Here we go…!

Many excited changes are afoot here at Polar Permaculture Solutions.  In the past month we applied for two grants to help fund our efforts here in Longyearbyen, and both were accepted! Thank you to the Svalbard Environmental Fund for helping [...]

New Consulting project!

Polar Permaculture Solutons has it's first consulting gig! We are partnering with the administration of the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park in Bulgaria to help do a restoration and design project in the park. The group is working with one of the 21 villages [...]

Artcam Production filming with PPS soon!

We have some exciting news here at Polar Permaculture Solutions: Artcam Production, a French audiovisual company making a documentary on the scientific and economic life of Longyearbyen, contacted us and asked if we were interested in being interviewed for the [...]

April Polar Gardens Update!

The polar gardens are a-growin again!  We've got bok choy, borage, lettuce, basil, french green beans, and believe it or not: SUNFLOWERS!  Also, the little worms are working away at the food scraps to make delicious compost [...]

KaosPilots Coming

We are excited to announce that we are temporarily expanding the Polar Permaculture Solutions team! Three business students from Denmark will be coming up to visit Polar Permaculture Solutions headquarters, here in Longyearbyen, to do some market research for us. [...]

Website Overhaul!

Thanks for your patience as we revamp our website! We are working on getting more organized and streamlined, and will soon be opening our online store! In addition, we have some exciting new offerings in development. Lots to look forward [...]

Online meet-and-greet

19.02.2014 20:00 GMT+1(Oslo) to 20:45 Let's get to know each other and solve the problems we face together! Just click on the link below at the time of the meeting and your all set. Online Meet-and-Greet

Permaculture Meet and Greet

We are having our first permaculture meet and greet here: Permaculture Meet and Greet on 08.02.2014 from 11:00 to 12:00 GMT+1 Please join us if you have a chance and see what we are doing here in the city.